Life in Valencia Is Fascinating – Lee

This is all about life in Valencia with Lee, an American who moved here from California about six months ago. I always enjoy speaking with both recent and long-timers in the city to find out how their life in Valencia came about.

Life In Valencia As An American Expat:

black man selfie in front of Trevi Fountain Rome in Life in Valencia as a black expat
Already taking advantage of his closeness to world-class destinations such as Rome in this picture. Life is good.

Lee moved here to Valencia without having ever visited and it was a pivot from a previous destination that he had settled on. You’ll find out about his decision in this video interview.

Highlights of the videocast include:

  • Why did he decide to move from America?
  • Where he had originally settled on moving to and why he didn’t move there after all.
  • Why he chose Valencia out of all the places he had considered?
  • The ease of paperwork and working with a professional.
  • Finding an apartment in the city, and how complicated it was.
  • What was he searching for with regard to his moving countries?
  • If fear was a factor at any time in his decision-making?
  • How long did it take him from decision to execution?
  • How he has found life in Valencia so far?
  • How easy or hard has it been to find friends and a community of like-minded people?
  • Some differences between the U.S and Spain
  • His cost of living in Valencia as a single person.
  • How has life in Valencia been as a black man?
  • Ease of travel to other places.
  • Is Valencia a temporary stop for him (ex-pat) or does he plan on staying longer as an immigrant?
  • Would he do the same thing if given another chance? (moving without visiting)
  • His advice is for anyone who is contemplating doing the same.

Watch life in Valencia with an ex-pat interview here:

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It was really nice chatting with Lee. It always pleases me to find people who decide to explore life outside of the norm and ones that step away from their comfort zone in an effort to find what life is like elsewhere. Five years later, I’m still as enthusiastic about Valencia as when newly arrived and it’s heart-warming finding people who like it too.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of people just talk, and never act, especially when they’re single. I think in the end, we all agree that life is too short. Like his sister had advised him, if it doesn’t work out, you can always move back or try somewhere else. 

I think if one searches hard enough, there will always be reasons to stop yourself from moving, not to mention the people around you with good intentions, but who ultimately help to sabotage your resolve. I’ve mentioned before in other posts how you need to make the best decision for you. Moving for a better life doesn’t have to involve moving between countries, it could just be a move within states.

life in valencia as an expat. Lee at the beach.
Loving life in Valencia and beyond.

We are lucky to live in a world where technology makes life easier and much cheaper to communicate. Think of years ago and how much a phone call to the states from Europe would have cost you. Now, with a simple app such as WhatsApp, you’re video chatting and calling people in far-off places. The excuses are getting lamer :-).

Below is a tour of Lee’s apartment in the Valencia center area for those who might be interested in seeing what $1200 gets you now in the city, a sizeable jump, but since Valencia has become a hot destination for many, and apartments are hard to find, at least in the city center which seems to be a magnet for newcomers.

Valencia apartment tour: 

Are you thinking about life outside of your comfort zone? Do you intend to do anything about it? If so, at what stage are you? Thinking about it? Doing your research? Making it happen? Please share.

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