The course:

On-demand video 

The expat in Valencia course is divided into modules, and each one comes with its own video presentation. The videos are short and easy to digest without boring you to death. What you get is a personal conversational video like you are familiar with on the channel. I will talk about different aspects of moving to Spain, and Valencia.

Resource Access

Over the years, I have built the perfect and most useful resources and you will have access to all of that with the course. Our budget in Spain, real estate buyer resources, healthcare providers, and most popular language schools are just some of the things included in various modules. This makes for a smooth transition to life in Spain.

Exit Plan List

This course will also share our exit plan checklist that we used when we decided to move from the U.S. You can make your own exit plan list as well. The guesswork has been taken out of the equation. Everyone is covered. You will not only get videos, you will also get written information in pdf form to suit your preference.


This course contains videos and downloadable information with resources on Spain, and Valencia specifically.

The video modules which number more than ten will cover various topics, with each one focussing on different aspects of Spain, be it moving, or living in Spain. The modules will delve into topics such as:

  • Why Spain is a great place to consider, and why it continues to be a much sought-out destination for ex-pats.
  • Valencia is a popular destination, one that was previously under wraps but emerging as a serious contender.
  • The most common visa types for ex-pats, and what it means.
  • Spanish culture, and things that might seem strange to you, but are actually normal.
  • Details on relocating to Spain, and what to remember.
  • What to bring with you, and what not to bring.
  • Traveling with your pets and the best way to do it.
  • Registering as a resident in Spain.
  • Banking, and how it’s not like in the U.S. Navigating the waters.
  • Searching for rentals, and real estate purchases.
  • Taxes, and filing obligations as a U.S. citizen.
  • Access to the Private Facebook Page.
  • Recommended professionals that you can work with confidence.

Having lived in Spain for years, I am familiar with how things work here. I have answered a lot of questions from people hoping to make the leap into ex-pat life. By the end of the course, you will have all the resources to transition to life in Spain easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Course For?

 This course is designed for people who have decided to leave their current homes in search of a better life in Spain. It is for an audience serious in their research and has determined Spain to be their destination. There is a wealth of knowledge in this course, and it’s for people who don’t want to have to do extensive research on their own, trying to gather useful, and true information together, but rather have it all laid out for them in an easy to understand cohesive manner.

Is there any one-on-one consultation with this course?

This course is presented on video and in downloadable forms. It is designed for you to learn at your own pace, and not as a live format. The videos are pre-recorded.

Do You Offer Refunds?

There are no refunds given on this course due to the instant delivery of the course content.

Is This Course Only For Americans?

While there are quite a few viewpoints and references to American life (since that is what we are familiar with), the information is applicable to most people who have decided on moving and living in Spain.

Does this course include visa acquisition?

No, it does not. Please note that the visa acquisition must be done from your home country. For Americans, this would be your assigned Spanish embassy. The course will include government websites and basic guidelines for visa acquisition, so you can apply and have all paperwork needed.


Is this course only for people moving to Valencia?

While this course has a heavy focus on the Valencia region, the procedure to move to Spain as a whole remains the same for all. A lot of the information will therefore apply to other regions and so there is a benefit. 


The information provided in this course is based solely on my own experience and research. Everyone’s experience will be different with regards to their Spain move. This course provides no guarantees, including but not limited to the fact that your visa will be approved, that your residency permit will be approved, or that you might not require help from a qualified professional. This course is intended to arm you with the right information so you can get your paperwork approved, and that you can settle into your new life much easily.


For people who want to retire in a beautiful setting with a lower cost of living.

Expats and future ex-pats who want clear, concise instructions on how to make a smooth transition.

People wanting to retire sooner in Europe with the funds they have.


One-Time Payment For Lifetime Access to the ex-pat in Valencia course.