Valencia Is Excellent For Expat Life

valencia bullring and train station

Valencia has been on the news a lot lately. As with everything, this sort of accolades tends to come in waves. The last time Valencia was being bandied about in the news was a couple of years ago when the it was being touted as a hidden gem, one that was being discovered by a lot of people moving from elsewhere and were scooping up huge compounds at “cheap prices” (to them of course!)

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The Fantastic Tradition Of Ceramic Artistry In Manises

If you appreciate ceramic art, you’re in for a treat in Valencia. Just a short metro ride away from the city and close to its namesake airport, you’ll find the city of Manises, a municipality that is still famous for amazing ceramic artistry that has been an ongoing tradition for generations. Fantastic Tradition Of Ceramic … Read more

Visit The Magnificent IVAM In Valencia Spain

The IVAM museum (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern), a mouthful to say in Valencian and Castellano, which is why it’s often referred to by its acronym, opened in Valencia in 1989 after getting approval in 1986 from the Valencian Parliament. The IVAM has the distinct honor of being the first center for modern art in all of … Read more

Mercado Central Valencia Makes For A Joyful Visit

exterior of mercat central

The Mercado Central is the biggest of the public markets scattered across the city of Valencia, and it is definitely worthy of a visit if you’re on holiday. Admittedly it is a very popular destination, and so you should steel yourself for the crowds. It’s always fun though, and a great way to observe Valencia residents going about their daily lives.

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