Fantastic Pizza In Valencia At Must Visit Vera iDon

margherita pizza from Vera iDon

In our household, pizza is not to be taken lightly. My husband is Roman, born and raised and he considers pizza to be just about the greatest gift to the world. He would eat pizza and buffalo mozzarella every single day for the rest of his life if l let him. Valencia luckily has quite the variety of international cuisine to satisfy most people, including us. Read on to discover one of the best spots in the city for pizza.

Vera iDon Pizzeria: Fantastic Pizza In Valencia

capresiosa pizza
A friend had this delicious capricciosa pizza and now he is a believer.

Truth be told, I had never been a huge fan of pizza, nor was l fussy about which kind. Years ago as a kid, I enjoyed the deep dish lone Pizzeria Uno that we had in Boston. Once l moved away, it was a succession of chain pizzerias that are all over the place in the states.

Since meeting him though, my taste in pizza has been elevated and l can now say l truly see what all the fuss is about. We have tried several pizzerias in the city, but we keep coming back to this one, and have introduced quite a few friends to the pizzeria.

In the three years we’ve been living in Valencia, we have visited this awesome place quite a few times when we need our fix of pizza. It has never disappointed either one of us. Being creatures of habit, we tend to get the same type of pizza every single time. Margherita for him, and Diavola for me.

Pizzeria Vera iDon: A Must Visit For Pizza Lovers

idon pizza valencia with brick oven
Warm and inviting upon entering the restaurant. Image from Vera iDon website

The first thing you see when walking in the door is the lovely ceramic tiled brick pizza oven. That, accompanied by the sweet aroma of dough and bubbling mozzarella is your first hint of things to come. The pizza maker deftly handling the pizza paddle as he slips the pizza in and out with ease is always a treat for me to see.

In addition to pizza, Vera iDon also offers a full menu of Italian food including spaghetti carbonara and penne Siciliana. While we have yet to sample any of these, friends have confirmed the fact that they are very tasty indeed. Since my husband is a great cook, I don’t bother ordering meals like that. I can get it at home. Lucky me!

Pizza is the one Italian staple that l like to eat when we go out. We have a gas oven in the house, and as much as l love his homemade pizza, I absolutely prefer one made on real fire, with a real brick oven. It has such a unique taste.

One of the best things about Vera iDon is the fact that they fly their fresh ingredients in from Italy. This means the Sopressata Piccante on my pizza is exactly that. Hot and spicy. Sopressata is an Italian dried salami, but much coarser. The closest thing would be a pepperoni pizza in the states.

Neapolitan Style Pizza at iDon:

Fantastic pizza in Valencia. A margherita pizza from vera idon
The classic Margherita pizza. Yum 🙂 .

Good stuff all around. The Neapolitan style pizza is my favorite. I like it so much better than the Roman style thin one. The doughy and airy crust from the longer fermentation time tastes absolutely wonderful, superior to the Roman style, at least in my opinion.

I can’t recommend Vera iDon Pizzeria enough. It is truly a wonderful, and comfortable restaurant with superb food. There are tons of pizzerias in Valencia because there is a huge number of Italians living here, and we intend to keep trying them as we find them. So far, of at least ten places we have tried, this is the one we like the best.

The pizza menu is big and are priced between €7.50 to €10 so quite reasonable and the portions generous. Goes right along with the lower cost of living in Valencia. Paired with a nice cold beer, and all is well with the world. The fact that the pizza has been consistently good is enough reason for us to keep revisiting. If you are in Valencia, make sure you visit and have a pizza! Take it from an Italian :-).

Where is Vera iDon Pizzeria?

Calle Burriana 37, Valencia 46005

Their website

Are you a big fan of pizza? Do you prefer the Roman or Neapolitan style?

Fantastic Pizza in Valencia Spain #pizza

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