Visit The Magnificent IVAM In Valencia Spain

The IVAM museum (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern), a mouthful to say in Valencian and Castellano, which is why it’s often referred to by its acronym, opened in Valencia in 1989 after getting approval in 1986 from the Valencian Parliament. The IVAM has the distinct honor of being the first center for modern art in all of Spain. Well deserved in my opinion.

Visit The Magnificent IVAM In Valencia Spain

Visit the magnificent IVAM bottom half of two gigantic male and female figures, green pants and brown skirt.
Imagine how small we felt next to these 🙂 giants and we did stand quite close.

The IVAM has an amazing collection of art and photography from the 20th century, numbering in excess of 10,000 pieces of the permanent collection. Combine that with the temporary exhibitions, courses, and conferences that take place in the museum and you can understand why it’s a place one can visit often without getting bored.

One interesting fact l discovered about the IVAM is that in the basement, there are parts of the remains of the medieval fortifications of the city. Nowadays, they use it to exhibit temporary exhibitions.

Permanent Exhibits at IVAM:

I consider a visit to the IVAM museum a must for tourists and visitors alike. In the past, I had hesitated to visit because of the crowds, but nowadays, it is quite possible to have the place almost to yourself. The permanent collection features art by artists from all over the world including countries in Europe, Latin and North America, and of course, local artists from Valencia are represented.

Some of the permanent art collection. I love the fact that there are very distinct spaces for the different forms and it was fun!

The most prominent exhibition in the IVAM is the collection of Julio González, a Barcelona born avant-garde artist who was prominent in using his art to further discussion of politics and social debates. His works were innovative and were featured in the 1937 Paris International Exhibition which was the city he called home until his death in 1942. Every year since 2000, a Julio Gonzalez International Prize is handed out to artists who excelled in their contribution to the modern art landscape. 

The focuses of the permanent collection include:

Urban Cartography ( I enjoyed seeing that a lot)

Dadaism and Dreamlike Poetics


visit the magnificent IVAM Valencia, avant garde artists collections
Visit the magnificent IVAM and get to know the avant-garde artists.

Temporary Exhibitions at IVAM Valencia:

Gülsün Karamustafa

Among the temporary exhibitions currently at the museum, I was really fascinated by the works of a Turkish artist by the name of Gülsün Karamustafa. Very colorful fabrics and the use of art to combine Asian and European elements. The series of posters from her show in Valencia (Sagunto) were outstanding and we found ourselves guessing “is she or isn’t”?. I think it’s cool that they feature such a radical artist and her eclectic works.

Moral Dis/Order: Art and Sexuality In Europe Between The Wars:

A very interesting and popular exhibition that had us jostling for space with the elderly (and that was weirdly comical) to see up close some of the most erotic artwork that included statues, books, and sex toys. Very interesting to see the transition from the end of the first world war to the beginning of the second world war. Newfound freedom ultimately being brought to an end by Fascism. People were reduced to numbers and triangles as their identities which must have been devastating.

a visit to the magnificent IVAM Valencia for the temporary exhibit Sexual Dis/order with erotic art in background
Some of the images are graphic so now you know. Awesome collection though.

With over 180 artworks with titles like “Trauma and Desire”, “The Depths Of Sex”, you can see how can one fail to be fascinated. You will find works from Federico García Lorca and Néstor to name a few.

Visit The IVAM For An Enjoyable Visit:

The exhibitions change every so often. The IVAM is a place one can go several times a year and find something different and accommodates most tastes. For that reason alone, I highly recommend a visit. You should plan on spending at least two hours on your visit. Check their website for current exhibitions.

Restaurante Mascareque IVAM:

Visit the magnificent IVAM Mascaraque Resturante in Valencia on your way out.
You can dine inside or al fresco so make sure to visit equally magnificent IVAM Mascaraque Restaurante.

After wandering through this great Museum of Modern Art, I also recommend having lunch at the IVAM restaurant. You won’t be disappointed because the offerings are innovative and match the museum in artistic cuisine. I was very impressed with the food, and now know why it has rave reviews. It has now become a favorite in addition to places like our preferred pizzeria.

Where Is IVAM Valencia?

C/ de Guillem de Castro, 118,

València, Valencia 46003


General admission prices are €6 for adults and €3 for students under 35 and older folks. Free for the disabled. Free admission for all until December 31, 2020.

Are you interested in visiting the IVAM in Valencia?

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