View of apartment building in Burgo Spain yellow and red

This is one of the most frequent questions l get when people write me. My answer is usually the same. “It depends”. If you’re just passing by, with no intent to live in the country, then absolutely, you can get by with just English because you are likely staying in a tourist ridden area where the majority of the shop owners and staff will more than likely speak English as a send language.

For the rest of the people who are emigrating to Spain, I personally think it’s a must to speak the language. There are a few things that can affect your decision on whether or not to learn the local language. Here are a just a few.

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madrid plaza mayor porticos in pink
Madrid Plaza Mayor building with artwork and 2 towers. trial run a must blog post

We all know that moving to a new state or country can be a very stressful event. The reasons for the move can be quite varied. It might be a job transfer, a love-pat experience (following a loved one who is from a different place) or just wanting a change of scenery. Whatever the reasons, a trial run is worth considering.

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Valencia Is Excellent For Expat Life

valencia bullring and train station

Valencia has been on the news a lot lately. As with everything, this sort of accolades tends to come in waves. The last time Valencia was being bandied about in the news was a couple of years ago when the it was being touted as a hidden gem, one that was being discovered by a lot of people moving from elsewhere and were scooping up huge compounds at “cheap prices” (to them of course!)

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