Life in Valencia Is Fascinating – Lee

life in valencia as an expat

This is all about life in Valencia with Lee, an American who moved here from California about six months ago. I always enjoy speaking with both recent and long-timers in the city to find out how their life in Valencia came about. Life In Valencia As An American Expat: Lee moved here to Valencia without having ever visited and it was a pivot from a … Read more

Living In Valencia Versus Visiting. Choose Wisely

plaza de la reina valencia

There is quite a big difference between living in Valencia and visiting. This might not seem obvious to many, but there is certainly a lot to consider and it is essential for someone contemplating either to make the correct decision for them. Living in Valencia versus visiting as a tourist As someone who has been … Read more

17 Reasons Not To Visit Valencia Spain.

17 reasons not to visit Valencia Spain

It has lately become a “thing” to find an article extolling the wonders of Valencia as a city to live in on a weekly basis it seems. The spotlight is firmly being shined on this city, and people have been moving here in droves. This is my tongue firmly in cheek response to all the … Read more


expat impact on real estate prices in Valencia Spain. Bildings with people in crosswalks

I knew it had to happen. I just didn’t imagine that it would happen as quickly as it has. I’m talking about the expat impact on real estate in Valencia. This little paradise is now being discovered by more and more people ( I am also to blame). That has made it attractive to a … Read more